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Black as the Devil’s Soul

Black as the Devils Soul

Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBUSRMEst. OGEst. FGABV
6 gal60 min137.9 IBUs48.0 SRM1.0761.0207.4 %
Actuals1.071.0147.4 %

Style Details

NameCat.OG RangeFG RangeIBUSRMCarbABV
American Black IPA14 B1.056 - 1.0751.01 - 1.01840 - 7020 - 402.2 - 2.75.5 - 7.5 %


Rice Hulls8 oz2.38
Pale Malt (2 Row) US12 lbs57.14
Rye Malt2.5 lbs11.9
Rye, Flaked1.5 lbs7.14
Wheat, Roasted1.5 lbs7.14
Carafa II12 oz3.57
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L12 oz3.57
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L12 oz3.57
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L12 oz3.57


NameAmountTimeUseFormAlpha %
Simcoe1 oz60 minBoilPellet13.7
Simcoe1 oz50 minBoilPellet13.7
Northern Brewer1 oz40 minBoilPellet10.6
Northern Brewer1 oz30 minBoilPellet10.6
Amarillo Gold1 oz20 minBoilPellet9.9
Amarillo Gold1 oz10 minBoilPellet9.9
Cascade1 oz5 minAromaPellet6.7
Cascade1 oz0 minAromaPellet6.7
Cascade1 oz14 daysDry HopPellet6.7
Centennial1 oz14 daysDry HopPellet9.2


Tequila Soaked Oak Spirals1.30 Items7 daysSecondaryOther


California Ale (WLP001)White Labs77%68°F - 73°F


Mash In156°F45 min


Primary4 days67°F
Secondary10 days67°F
Aging30 days65°F


Held the tequila oak out and experimented with just adding it to a couple of bottles. After 21 days, In the bottle we put the most wood (3 ~ 0.5 inch pieces), the wood started to add some interesting additional layers of flavor. In the couple of bottles we opened sooner than 21 days, the flavor contribution was negligable. Next time we brew this beer, the tequila oak is going into the secondary or keg.

Without the tequila oak this is a beautiful beer. The hop bitterness and the roasted malt flavors are in perfect harmony. There is a hint of hop aroma, in a future batch in which the tequila oak is not used, I will increase the aroma additions.

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