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Podcast EP 154 – The 300 lb. Beaver in the Room

Troy Smith Belching Beaver Podcast

We sit down with head brewer at Belching Beaver Brewing in San Diego, CA, Troy Smith. We discuss Troy’s journey in San Diego beer including:

– Troy’s career before Belching Beaver.

– Getting hired away from Coronado.

– The 300 lb. Beaver in the Room, the name and branding.

– Peanut Butter Milk Stout.

– San Diego beer not welcoming BB.
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– Where does Belching Beaver fit in with the established and the new brewers?

– Tough competition and saturation in San Diego beer.

– 30th Street talk.

– Getting recognition for the good beer despite the branding.

– Partnership with Deftones.

– Alpha King Challenge.

– Seltzer talk.

And much more!

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