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Podcast EP 170 – Get Waked – Johnathan Wakefield

J. Wakefield The Full Pint Podcast

Returning the show, founder of J. Wakefield Brewing out of Miami, FL, Johnathan Wakefield. We discuss many things including:

– The upcoming 5th Annual Wakefest

– How does he improve on the festival from previous years.

– Showing love to nearly 140 breweries over 3 days.

– Keeping an eye on guest breweries that have no line.

– Any new guests John’s stoked about.

– The magnum raffles for charity.

– Our love of Permanent Hangover

– Distro into Publix

– How great are Pub Subs?

– The decision to expand out of direct to consumer.
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– Negotiating with Whole Foods Market.

– Planning for spot number 2.

– The importance of food + tasting room combo.

– Remaining independent.

– Being shopped by big beer.

– Thoughts on the rise and fall of Ballast Point.

– Speculation on Funky Budha Brewing.

– John’s tight collab circle.

– Lo-Cal IPA and Pastry seltzers.

And much much more!

We’d like to thank the sponsors of this show, if you are interested in sponsoring this podcast, please drop us a note at [email protected].

• El Segundo Brewing – Makers of some very fine hoppy ales near LAX, also check out their new digs, The Slice and Pint.

• Oskar Blues Brewery – Try new One-y IPA, 100 Calorie Hazy IPA Low Cal, High Haze.

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