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Triple Scale Hydrometer for Taking Gravity Measurements

A Triple Scale Hydrometer is a must-have for calculating alcohol percentage and fermentation … potential alcohol with this best selling Beer and Wine Hydrometer! A hydrometer is a necessary component of the beer making process that allows homebrewers to adjust and predict the integrity of their recipe by providing accurate readings of the beer’s sugar level as well as its ...

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Hydrometer – Triple Scale – A Must-have for Your Home Brewing and Winemaking

Hydrometer – Triple Scale – Perfect for Beer and Wine – A Must-have for Your Home Brewing and Winemaking – Easy-to-read for Measuring Specific Gravity, Brix/balling, and Potential Alcohol Home Brew Triple Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer. Essential piece of your Home Brew equipment. Color bands indicate start and finish for wines and beer (Indicates Dessert Wines, Table Wines, and ...

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